Design - More than just the surface

Good design com­bi­nes aes­the­tics and functionality.
Good design makes pro­ducts uni­que and recognizable.
Good design will attract imi­ta­tors – we pro­tect good design.

Obtai­ning Design protection

We help you to effi­ci­ent­ly pro­tect your designs on a local, regio­nal and glo­bal scale.

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Design Sear­ches & Due Diligence

We deter­mi­ne poten­ti­al con­flicts wit­hin the rele­vant mar­kets in Ger­ma­ny, Euro­pe and world­wi­de befo­re you start manu­fac­tu­ring new pro­ducts or buy goods for retail.

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IP rights are pro­hi­bi­ti­on rights – they pro­hi­bit use. Why not allow use in return for a licen­se fee? Con­ta­ct us – we will help you to draft fruit­ful licen­se agreements.

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If intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty rights are infrin­ged, con­si­derable values are often at sta­ke for the pro­per­ty right hol­der and the alle­ged infrin­ger. Our inter­na­tio­nal liti­ga­ti­on team led by patent attor­ney Ulrich Kreut­zer knows not only the rules, but also the exceptions.

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Crea­ting free­dom to ope­ra­te and fen­ding off attacks – IP rights are not set in stone. If your company’s free­dom to ope­ra­te is restric­ted, we quick­ly and com­pet­ent­ly exami­ne pos­si­ble cour­ses of action to clear the path.

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