Infrin­ge­ment of IP Rights

IP Ligi­ta­ti­on - Our Core Competence

Intel­lec­tu­al pro­per­ty rights are infrin­ged – some­ti­mes unknowin­gly, some­ti­mes inten­tio­nal­ly. For both sides, the owner of the pro­per­ty right and the infrin­ger, often sub­stan­ti­al are at sta­ke. In such situa­tions, you need a team of expe­ri­en­ced experts who not only know the rules, but also the excep­ti­ons. Our liti­ga­ti­on team led by patent attor­ney Ulrich Kreut­zer con­ducts, moni­tors and super­vi­ses several dozen infrin­ge­ment pro­cee­dings every year. The tech­ni­cal, legal and inter­na­tio­nal exper­ti­se of this team is regu­lar­ly prai­sed by our clients.

IP right owners

Star­ting from test purcha­ses and the tra­cing of sale chan­nels via syn­chro­ni­zed sei­zu­res at tra­de fairs and bor­ders to the dest­ruc­tion of coun­ter­feit pro­ducts, our liti­ga­ti­on team attends to, con­ducts and moni­tors infrin­ge­ment pro­cee­dings for you to avert any dama­ge to your company.

Pre­su­med Infringement

If you are accu­sed of vio­la­ting an IP right, your opti­ons for action must be exami­ned prompt­ly and com­pet­ent­ly. Qui­te often, the fac­tu­al and legal situa­ti­on is con­si­der­ab­ly more favor­able for your com­pa­ny than it may sound in, e.g., a warning let­ter. The­re­fo­re, you should con­ta­ct our liti­ga­ti­on team befo­re you sign a decla­ra­ti­on to cea­se and desist.

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As a WIPO-accredi­ted media­tor, patent attor­ney Ulrich Kreut­zer hel­ps par­ties that at least wish to explo­re win-win opti­ons. It is not uncom­mon that one par­ty has com­pe­ten­ci­es that could com­ple­ment tho­se of the other for the bene­fit of both. Patent attor­ney Ulrich Kreut­zer mode­ra­tes con­sen­sus talks and hel­ps both sides to come to a bene­fi­cial agreement.

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Crea­ting free­dom to ope­ra­te and fen­ding off attacks – IP rights are not set in stone. If your company’s free­dom to ope­ra­te is restric­ted, we quick­ly and com­pet­ent­ly exami­ne pos­si­ble cour­ses of action to clear the path.


IP rights are pro­hi­bi­ti­on rights – they pro­hi­bit use. Why not allow use in return for a licen­se fee? Con­ta­ct us – we will help you to draft fruit­ful licen­se agreements.

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