“The best solution to a problem is not allowing it to arise.”

Ulrich Kreutzer

Employee Inventions – Setting the Course in Good Time

The German law on employee inventions has particular challenges for entrepreneurs. Often problems do occur years after an invention has been disclosed. We help you avoid disputes at a later stage by means of early contractual settlements.



Contract Design & Due Diligence

We examine existing contracts with regard to their potential for optimization and carry out due diligence audits that are necessary in the case of company acquisitions.

Calculation of Remuneration

The legal guidelines for the calculation of the remuneration of employee inventors leave both parties with quite some room for interpretation. We support you in finding fair solutions for both parties.

Arbitration and Trial

Sometimes negotiations reach an impasse. There is a specialized arbitration board at the German Patent and Trademark Office for matters regarding employee inventions. We represent you before the arbitration board and also – if the settlement proposal is not satisfactory – in court.


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